Car Accident

Car Accident

Texas roads and highways are some of the most crowded and dangerous in the Country. Just driving to work or running errands can be risky when other drivers don’t drive carefully.

If you have been hurt because a driver didn’t follow the rules of the road and caused a crash, they have to pay for the harms and losses they caused to everyone involved. This includes other drivers, passengers, and even people walking.

Unfortunately, the insurance companies and the lawyers who defend these dangerous drivers don’t play fair. Often times they will blame everyone else for the crash, including the victim. When you are dealing with these types of insurance companies don’t make the mistake of trusting them to do what is right. In our experience, only those represented by attorneys ever get a fair deal. Contact us today to receive a free consultation and learn your rights.

Unsafe Driving is a Leading Cause of Personal Injuries

Every person who gets behind the wheel of a car assumes a duty. This duty requires them to take appropriate actions that do not place any other person at an unreasonable risk of harm. If they violate this duty and an injury occurs, they are liable to provide compensation for all resulting losses.

One common way that drivers violate this duty is by ignoring the rules of the road. Traffic laws such as speed limits, stopping at red lights, and refraining from texting while driving exist to preserve the safety of all travelers. If a defendant driver was in violation of these laws and involved in an accident, this may serve as powerful evidence of their fault for the collision. An auto injury attorney in Houston could help to fully investigate the cause of a crash to prove that another driver’s negligence was the source of the incident.

This is especially important considering the state’s law concerning modified comparative negligence. According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 33.003, juries in accident cases must evaluate the actions of all involved parties and assign blame accordingly. In addition, that jury must reduce their award by the percentage of blame that they assign to an injured plaintiff. If that percentage rises to more than 50, the court cannot award any compensation. An attorney could help to prove that another driver was the sole responsible party for a collision.

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Car accidents can have a devastating effect on every part of a person’s life. Whether a victim was driving their own vehicle, was a passenger, or was on foot at the time of the collision, cars can impart thousands of pounds of force upon impact. This has the potential to break bones, cause concussions, separate joints, and even amputate limbs.

A key concept in all car accident cases is that an at-fault party is liable to provide payments for all medical care regardless of the severity of a victim’s injury. This means that although a defendant driver did not intend to cause harm, the law says that they must provide compensation for all necessary medical treatment.

However, these payments for medical care comprise only one part of a comprehensive claim for damages. Many people find that the emotional aspects of a case are just as devastating as the physical injuries. In addition, many car crashes impact a person’s ability to return to work. A Houston car accident attorney could help to evaluate how an incident has affected every part of a person’s life and demand accordingly appropriate payments. Contact a Houston car accident lawyer today to see how they are prepared to help you.