Truck Accident

Truck Accident

Trucks are an ever-present sight on Houston’s roads and highways. It is a rare business that does not rely on a truck to make deliveries, and many private homes see commercial trucks visit to deliver packages or provide services.

As useful as these vehicles are, they do pose a threat to other travelers on the road. The massive size of commercial trucks makes them difficult to stop in an emergency. In addition, the drivers may face immense pressure to meet deadlines causing them to remain on the road for lengthy periods of time. These factors all contribute to a high rate of accidents.

A Texas Truck Accident Lawyer could help people who have suffered harm in collisions involving commercial vehicles. This includes proving that a truck driver was responsible for a crash, evaluating how those crashes impacted one’s life, and demanding appropriate compensation from drivers, insurance companies, and trucking businesses.

Why Trucks are Likely to Be Involved in Accidents

Of all the traffic collisions that occur on Houston roads, a significant portion involve commercial vehicles. The reasons for this are numerous. Commercial trucks are always larger than even the biggest SUVs. As a result, they are slow to come to a stop in emergency situations and may even jackknife or rollover, giving other vehicles no chance to avoid a collision.

Similarly, their large size creates blind spots that even the best mirrors and cameras cannot penetrate. It falls on the trucks’ drivers to compensate for these blind spots and make all necessary checks before changing lanes.

Finally, commercial drivers have a tendency to be fatigued while behind the wheel. Many truck drivers work lengthy hours and may be on the road from dawn to dusk. Despite regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that limit the legal driving hours on a daily basis, many drivers choose to flout these laws to meet deadlines. A Houston truck accident attorney could perform a full investigation into the reasons for a collision.

Demanding Compensation from All Liable Parties

Proving that a truck driver was at-fault for a collision is an essential part of any case. However, it is just as important to demand compensation from every possible defendant. In truck accident cases, this may involve up to three parties.

Of course, the drivers themselves are always responsible for their actions. Additionally, that driver or the driver’s employer will have coverage through an insurance company that may provide payments in case of driver fault. However, it may also be possible to hold a driver’s employer jointly liable for the incident. A legal concept called respondeat superior states that employers are liable for the actions of their employees while on the clock. As a result, a trucker who is negligent in causing a collision may leave their employer responsible for providing compensation to injured parties.

It is vital to quickly identify every possible defendant. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 says that injured people have only two years from the date of the collision to demand compensation in court. A Houston truck accident attorney could help to pursue cases within this strict time limit.

Call Truck Accident Attorney Brian Crockett to Help You Today

The victims of truck accidents likely have many questions. They may wonder how they will pay for medical care or recover payments for lost income. They may also ask which parties are responsible for the crash and how they can collect compensation. Finally, they may wonder if a trial will be necessary to collect these payments.

A Houston truck accident lawyer could help to answer these questions. An attorney can listen to your side of the story, explain the relevant laws, gather evidence concerning the collision, and demand appropriate compensation from every at-fault party. There is a limited time following a crash to pursue a case. Schedule a consultation today to get started.